Despite making up nearly half (48%) of the Canadian workforce, women are underrepresented in the digital economy. In 2023, women accounted for 34.8% of individuals employed in Canada’s digital economy. This number is up from only 34.2% in 2013. While this upward trajectory suggests an overall positive trend in employment participation, a further analysis by seniority reveals that this upward tick is largely attributed to women in entry-level roles or in the early stages of their careers. Meanwhile, the gender gap is greater in the upper echelons of the digital economy, with men comprising most senior-level and leadership-level roles.

This toolkit is intended to serve as guidance and is not a one-size fits-all solution. Organizations are encouraged to “pick and choose” the calls to action that best speak to their organizational needs. It is recommended that individuals and organizations begin small, outline a clear plan of action (including key performance indicators [KPIs]), and track progress over time.



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Clark, A., Foda, F., Ivus, M., and McKie, M. April 2024. Advancing Women in the Digital Economy: A Gender Equity Toolkit for Technology Leaders, Organizations, and Ecosystem Players. Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC), Ottawa, Canada.