Tailored policies for the digital economy present a multifaceted opportunity. When aligned with organizational objectives, policies serve as catalysts for efficiency and innovation. This service focuses on crafting evidence-based and pragmatic policy recommendations.



What We Do

Craft evidence-based and pragmatic policy recommendations to guide your technology ecosystem. We work closely with organizations to align policies with their objectives, fostering efficiency and innovation. 

How We Help

Deliver visionary, implementable, and impactful policies that drive efficiency and effectiveness in the digital economy.


Our Work

Smart Cities, Smart Governments

Purpose: Address accessibility, privacy, and digital transformation challenges and opportunities.

Methodology: 30+ experts were engaged in an invite-only sense-making roundtable led by ICTC facilitators. Generated qualitative insights to inform a comprehensive policy brief. 

The policy brief identifies a roadmap for future progress in the governance of smart cities.

What We Offer

Key Components

  • Tailored policy development
  • Alignment with organizational objectives
  • Catalyst for efficiency and innovation


  • Visionary, implementable policies
  • Efficiency and effectiveness in the digital economy
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