About Us

The Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) is a neutral, not-for-profit national centre of expertise with the mission of strengthening Canada's digital advantage in the global economy. 

For over 30 years, and with a team of 100 experts, we have delivered forward-looking research, practical policy advice, and capacity building solutions for individuals and businesses. Our goal is to ensure that technology is utilized to drive economic growth and innovation and that Canada's workforce remains competitive on a global scale.

The digital economy is multifaceted, global, fast paced, and follows diverging and, at times, predisposed trends. Technologies are accelerating innovations and are changing industries faster than economies can adjust. New national and international markets are spawning, and competition is fierce, leading to new urban trends and employment prospects while also posing new social and economic pressures. Climate change and health matters are now demanding our full attention. The hyper-connected and data-driven world is also creating new economic prospects while putting pressure on cyber resiliency and privacy that are making governing harder than ever. While the stakes are high, the opportunities are even greater for those who are able to leverage the full potential of this fast-evolving landscape.

- Namir Anani, President & CEO

Our Mission, Vision & Values

ICTC's mission is to strengthen Canada’s digital advantage in a global economy.

Our vision is to foster globally competitive Canadian industries and a prosperous, resilient, and inclusive society empowered by innovative digital solutions.

ICTC is committed to providing a work environment free from barriers that promotes equity and diversity. ICTC celebrates and welcomes the diversity of all employees, stakeholders, and external personnel. By valuing a diverse workforce, ICTC is committed to fair and equitable hiring practices. ICTC also supports a corporate culture that is built on our TRUST values, encouraging equitable employment and career prospects for all employees.


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