Our Expertise

For over three decades, ICTC has been at the forefront of driving Canada's global digital advantage. Our unwavering commitment is dedicated to fostering economic growth through innovation empowered by cutting-edge technology. With a well-defined mission to advance Canada's digital advantage in the global economy, we envision a future where our industries stand out globally, fostering a sustainable and prosperous future and an inclusive society enabled by pioneering digital solutions. As a fully bilingual organization, we harness the power of diversity to build communities, ensuring that our services empower a broad audience from all walks of life.



Our Approach

Our ideas are geared to real-world impacts. Collaborating with the government, industry leaders, and the workforce, we drive tangible results for the digital economy. Simultaneously, we equip Canadians with the essential skills for success in a rapidly changing economy and empower businesses to thrive in an increasingly dynamic marketplace.

Our Focus Areas

Economic Growth

We support Canadian business leaders and policymakers in adapting to economic changes and embracing innovation to remain competitive.

A strong and sustainable economy tethered to a resilient labour force facilitates opportunities for all. Today, the digital economy accounts for a significant portion of Canadian GDP and will continue to play a central role in spearheading economic growth in the years to come. Maintaining and building on this momentum means collectively forging stronger, more resilient, and more inclusive business models. 




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Sustainable Businesses

We navigate the complex intersection of cutting-edge technologies, the economy, and society to enable a sustainable, inclusive, and prosperous Canada.

Many environmental solutions are technologically driven, making the digital economy an important provider of solutions to climate change, conservation, regeneration, and greater biodiversity. 

Talented and Entrepreneurial Workforce

In today’s competitive landscape, Canadian employers must attract, build, and retain a highly skilled workforce.

Our nation’s innovation strength hinges on the calibre of individuals propelling it forward. ICTC is committed to helping industries attract, build, and reskill a truly world-class entrepreneurial and skilled workforce. ICTC empowers businesses to foster excellence through targeted solutions for workforce development, inclusive mentorship programs, and industry capacity-building initiatives. Our cutting-edge training opportunities help expand Canada's workforce, strengthening industry foundations and elevating Canada's competitiveness and global standing as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship.







Safe, Private, and Secure Environment

We are actively closing the cybersecurity talent gap through comprehensive programs in areas like data privacy, surveillance, and digital IDs while fostering a secure digital environment and nurturing a diverse, skilled workforce.

As Canadian organizations accelerate their digitization efforts and contributions to the global digital economy, cyberthreats are more frequent and sophisticated. Businesses are striving to bolster their cyber defences but face a global cybersecurity talent shortage. 

Equitable and Inclusive Economy

To promote equity and diversity in Canada’s technology sector, we conduct research and implement capacity-building programs for underrepresented groups, including women, Indigenous Peoples, racially visible individuals, newcomers, and people with disabilities.

Over the past decade, technology workers in Canada have significantly expanded their ranks, making up approximately 11% of the total workforce, with a projected 2.26 million ICT workers by 2025. The demand for digital skills is expected to rise further. However, the representation of marginalized people in tech remains low. 



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