Our Partnerships

At ICTC, collaboration is the heartbeat of our mission to strengthen Canada's digital advantage. We proudly work together with a diverse network of partners who share our commitment to advancing the digital economy.

These partnerships span across various stakeholders, creating a robust ecosystem that includes:

  • Policymakers and Government Agencies: We work closely with government bodies, contributing to informed policymaking and supporting initiatives that propel Canada's digital economy forward.
  • Industry Leaders: Our collaboration with leading companies and organizations in the technology ecosystem enables us to gain valuable insights, foster innovation, and drive economic growth.
  • Academic Institutions: By partnering with universities, colleges, and other educational institutions, we shape solutions and programs that equip Canadians with the skills needed to thrive in the digital era.
  • Community Organizations: Collaboration with community-based groups ensures our initiatives are inclusive and accessible to all, bridging the digital divide.
  • International Networks: Through global partnerships, we amplify our impact, exchange knowledge, and position Canada as a leader on the international stage.

A Collective Force for Digital Transformation



Together, we comprise a collective force driving the digital transformation of Canada's economy. Our deepest gratitude goes to our partners for their dedication, expertise, and shared vision for a prosperous digital future.


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