Seize the opportunity to lead conversations on crucial digital policy issues that address gaps in existing policies and foster constructive solutions for Canada's digital challenges. The Digital Policy Executive Forum (DPEF) is an exclusive platform for open discussion and comprehensive dialogue on the most pressing digital policy issues.



What We Do

Facilitate discussions on digital policy issues, allowing for the generation of pragmatic solutions and constructive approaches. DPEF members actively contribute to shaping effective digital policies in Canada, ensuring the country remains at the forefront of responsible and innovative digital practices. 

How We Help

By providing a space for informed discussion and solution brokering, the DPEF empowers stakeholders to actively contribute to effective digital policies, keeping Canada at the forefront of responsible and innovative digital practices. 


What We Offer

Key Components

  • Curated platform for open discussions
  • Comprehensive dialogue on pressing digital policy issues
  • Pragmatic solution generation
  • Knowledge exchange and collaboration 


  • Active contribution to digital policy shaping
  • Exclusive access to knowledge, insights, and data
  • Enabling Canada to be at the forefront of innovation
  • Fostering responsible and impactful digital practices 
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