Our Employment Readiness Programming is designed to empower individuals in their job search and connect with employers. We provide comprehensive employment supports, including skills mapping, technical training, industry certification, skills for success training, entrepreneurship orientation, employment readiness supports, access to mentors, help in building professional networks, and opportunities to attend networking events. All programming is available in both official languages. 



What We Do

We offer a holistic approach to employment readiness, addressing the specific challenges newcomers face in navigating the Canadian job market. 

Our services encompass skills mapping, technical training, certification programs, and others that ensure participants are well-prepared for successful employment. 

How We Help

Our Employment Readiness Programming goes beyond traditional approaches. We deliver workshops to cohorts of 20–25 participants on Zoom and an online Learning Management System (LMS) platform. 

These workshops complement counselling sessions and cover various aspects such as understanding Canada's labour market, effective job search strategies, resume tailoring for the Canadian context, crafting impactful cover letters, mastering interview techniques, optimizing LinkedIn profiles, honing networking skills, and leveraging mentorship relationships. 





Our Work 

Explore our success stories of individuals who, through our Employment Readiness Programming, have not only secured jobs commensurate with their qualifications but have also thrived in the Canadian job market.

As an IT professional, discovering ICTC's GO Talent Program during my move to Canada was a game-changer. It paved a smooth career transition, offering invaluable support, resources, and a stable job opportunity. Highly recommended.

- Samia Shafique, GO Talent program participant 


What We Offer

Key Components

  • Skills mapping
  • Technical training
  • Industry certification
  • Mentorship opportunities
  • Networking events 


  • Comprehensive employment readiness
  • Increased employability
  • Successful integration into the Canadian job market 


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