Our Story

Our journey began in 1992 as the Software Human Resources Council, a vital player in a network of sector councils supported by the Government of Canada's Sectoral Council Program. In 2006, we recognized our potential to shape Canada's digital destiny on a global scale. We underwent a significant transformation, becoming an independent, national, non-profit centre of expertise and renamed to the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC).

Rooted in government-backed origins, we now extend our reach to every province, supporting policymakers, driving practical research, and innovating solutions for the workforce and businesses.

Our Achievements

Over the years, ICTC has pioneered initiatives that bridge the gap between technological innovation, the economy, and societal progress. Through strategic partnerships, forward-thinking research, policies, and programs, we have played a pivotal role in guiding both industry and public policy. This effort aims to cultivate a dynamic and sustainable economy, driven by an inclusive and skilled workforce, propelling Canada to a prominent position in the global digital landscape. 

We have significantly influenced the course of Canada’s digital economy with pioneering research and impactful capacity-building programs. Serving as a catalyst for innovation, ICTC continues to inspire and empower meaningful expansion of Canada's digital economy.

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