Our research, policy, and capacity-building efforts have helped shape discussions and decisions across Canada. Our focus on building a skilled and diverse workforce contributes to a strong business climate. Beyond economic growth, our commitment extends to fostering a socially responsible and sustainable future for the country.

Our Impact on People

We've worked toward building a skilled and diverse workforce, providing opportunities for upskilling, reskilling, and professional growth. Our commitment goes beyond support for business development; we aim to create a socially responsible and sustainable future that directly benefits all Canadians. 



people participated in our programs 

118,186 participants 

Across 36 different initiatives, we've provided opportunities to 118,186 people for upskilling, reskilling, and on-the-job training in the digital economy. 


people trained for digital economy roles

87,841 people trained

We’ve trained 87,841 people for in-demand jobs in the digital economy, helping them acquire the skills to succeed.


job placements

25,834 Job Placements

We’ve provided 25,834 experiential learning opportunities to develop technical, foundational, and work-ready skills in Canada's digital economy.


people from underrepresented groups supported

55,055 people from Underrepresented Groups

Our overall aim is inclusivity in Canada's digital economy. We've assisted 55,005 individuals from underrepresented communities toward this goal.

Our Impact on Key Priorities 

Our research drives progress by offering insights for a vibrant and fair digital future. Our evidence-based studies and publications offer grounded recommendations to support decision-makers in crafting effective policies.



in-depth and forward-looking research reports 

64 Research Reports 

64 research reports have inspired critical agendas for the digital economy, including labour market forecasts, smart cities, sustainability, foreign investment, gender equity, educational technology, and others.


policy briefs

22 Policy Briefs 

22 policy briefs offered research-grounded recommendations to help shape the technology ecosystem.


stakeholders engaged directly

Stakeholder Engagement

Our commitment to direct engagement reached out to 2,555+ stakeholders, ensuring a broad range of perspectives shape our inclusive and impactful initiatives.


public engagement sessions

Public Engagement Sessions

 We facilitated over 35 public engagement sessions crucial to informed decision-making in the digital economy.


industry roundtables

Industry Roundtables

30+ industry roundtables facilitated the exchange of ideas, addressing challenges, and collectively working toward industry-wide solutions.


Our Impact on K-12 Students

In today's digital world, it's imperative that K-12 students navigate the internet safely. At ICTC, we empower students with essential digital skills, especially cybersecurity skills. With cyberthreats on the rise, we continue to refine our focus on digital literacy. 


K–12 students were trained in cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Training for K-12 Students

Since November 2017, we've worked with over 83,346 students, preparing youth for a digital-led economy.


female participants

Female Participants

Our dedication to equal opportunity resulted in engaging with 46,206 girls, representing a remarkable 54% of total participation.


people from underrepresented groups were trained

34,357 people from underrepresented groups were trained

We served 34,357 students from underrepresented groups—Indigenous youth, youth with disabilities, racialized youth, and people in remote areas.


 educators trained in cybersecurity 

7,773 educators trained in cybersecurity 

We've supported 7,773 educators from 363 schools across Canada, providing their students with opportunities to explore technology sector careers.

Our Impact on Post-Secondary Education Students

Since 2017, we've played a pivotal role in blending formal education with hands-on workplace experience. Our approach cultivates employability skills, builds valuable professional connections for students, and provides a pool of work-ready talent for employers. In response to the market demand for students with job-ready skills, we've developed proprietary e-learning courses. This ensures that our graduates emerge as confident employees prepared to make meaningful contributions to their employers' businesses.



 students secured job placements

23,084 students secured job placements

Since 2017, 23,084 university students have secured placements with Canadian employers through our programs.


students were from underrepresented groups

14,738 students were from underrepresented groups

14,738 students participated in our programs, and 66% of the participants were from underrepresented groups.


ICTC e-Learning Courses

18 ICTC e-Learning Courses

We designed 18 courses to provide post-secondary students with digital industry skills and knowledge to better align student development with employer needs.


student enrolments in ICTC e-Learning Courses

3,671 student enrolments in ICTC e-Learning Courses

Since 2019, 3,671 students have enrolled in our courses and gained work-ready skills that benefit employers.

Our Impact on the Economy

We’re helping to transform the job market by expanding the resources available to job seekers and employers. Armed with insights into the Canadian job market, regional skills gaps, and access to ICTC's Skills Mapping Tool, job seekers enhance their work prospects. Our work helps employers strengthen their digital talent pipeline, and educators empower their students with digital skills. 



newcomers to Canada

10,616 newcomers to Canada

10,616 newcomers seeking employment were provided access to upskilling opportunities through our programs.


employers supported 

6,828 employers supported 

6,828 employers were supported in filling open digital roles with skilled talent.


people completed skills mapping

1,963 people completed skills mapping

1,963 job seekers used our Skills Mapping Tool  to assess their technical and human-centric skills for in-demand jobs.


people were provided with upskilling and reskilling opportunities

Upskilling and reskilling opportunities

353 participants displaced from Alberta’s oil and gas sector were upskilled for the digital economy.



Annual Reports

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