Meet the dedicated individuals driving positive change at ICTC. Our diverse team, with expertise in research, policy, workforce solutions, economics, technology, and more, is united by a shared commitment to advancing Canada's digital advantage in a global landscape. Each member brings unique skills and experiences to help achieve our goals. We take pride in being a fully bilingual organization, capable of delivering innovative products, services, and solutions in English and French. 

Driving Excellence in Digital Leadership

Our executive team, led by President and CEO Namir Anani, is dedicated to providing government and businesses with crucial insights and practical workforce solutions to strengthen the digital economy. Together, ICTC’s executive team has the knowledge and expertise needed to drive Canada's competitiveness, resilience, and strength in the global digital economy. 

 Meet the Leadership Team

Namir Anani

President and CEO

As President and CEO, Namir charts ICTC’s course for how we support government and businesses. Before joining ICTC, Namir played a pivotal role in

Lissa Matyas

Vice President, Capacity Building & Innovation

Lissa Matyas has over twenty years of executive experience catalyzing national and international partnerships between industry, academia and

Huguette Camirand

Chief Financial Officer

Huguette, our Chief Financial Officer, helps make important ICTC decisions and ensures financially sound operations. Huguette is also in charge of

Alexandra Cutean

Chief Research Officer

As ICTC’s head of research and policy, Alexandra’s work is rooted in a desire to support an innovative, resilient, and sustainable digital future

Anne Patterson

Director, Government Relations and Communications

Anne Patterson leads government relations and communications at ICTC, shaping and executing ICTC’s strategic communications, brand marketing, and

Rob Davidson

Director, Data Science

As Director of Data Science, Rob leads a skilled team of data professionals, specializing in advanced analytics, machine learning algorithms, and

Sashie Steenstra

Director, Workforce Solutions

As Workforce Solutions Director, Sashie leads ICTC's efforts in workforce development. With over 20 years of experience in education and non-profit

Camelia Mestecanean

Director, Operations

As Director of Operations, Camelia plays a crucial role in setting strategic goals for operational efficiency and productivity. She collaborates with

Giovana Perrucho

Executive Assistant & Stakeholder Relations

As Executive Assistant, Giovana has expertise in executive support and diplomatic/public affairs. With five years of experience in the diplomatic

Meet the Board of Directors

Guiding the Digital Vision

Our Board of Directors, elected individuals holding key roles in Canada's digital economy, provides essential guidance for ICTC's decisions and innovative programs.


Dr. Thomas P. Keenan, FCIPS, I.S.P., ITCP
Professor, University of Calgary

Vice Chair  
Jack Noppé
Strategic Advisor – Connected Canadians 

Janet Lin
Vice President, Lending and Payments Technology – EQ Bank

Jim Hinton
Founder, Lawyer, IP Strategist, Patent & Trademark Agent


Gary Davenport
Past President – CIO Association of Canada

Natiea Vinson
CEO – First Nations Technology Council

Jauvonne Kitto
Co-Founder & CEO – Saa Dene Group of Companies

John Weigelt
National Technology Officer – Microsoft Canada

Pina Marra
Senior Director, Regulatory Affairs – Desjardins

Keith Sinclair
President & CEO – Harris Leadership Strategies

Trekker Armstrong FCIPS, I.S.P. (ret.), ITCP 


Driving Innovation and Progress

Our team brings extensive knowledge and experience in their respective fields and is committed to shaping Canada's digital future.

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