In the dynamic realm of the digital economy, our Work Integrated Learning Programming emerges as a catalyst for talent development. These innovative programs transcend traditional learning, providing post-secondary students with immersive experiences to foster technical prowess and workplace readiness.



What We Do

We offer diverse work-integrated learning opportunities designed to empower students with technical, foundational, and work-ready skills. Our programs are tailored to offer practical insights, technical expertise, and real-world experience, preparing students for the demands of the digital workforce. 

How We Help

Our Work-Integrated Learning Programming facilitates connections between students and industry leaders. Through meaningful work placements, students gain exposure to industry-specific challenges, emerging technologies, and innovative solutions, fostering a culture of continuous learning. 


Our Work 

Our Work Integrated Learning initiatives go beyond conventional education, providing students with hands-on experiences in the heart of Canada's digital economy. Through Cybersecurity Training WIL, we contribute to fostering diversity in the cybersecurity workforce, while Youth Dividend opens doors for young talents in the ICT/digital field. 

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Work Integrated Learning Digital (WIL)  

Supports post-secondary students' experiential learning opportunities to develop technical, foundational, and work-ready skills while they work in Canada's digital economy.  


Cybersecurity Training WIL  

Increasing diversity in Canada's cybersecurity workforce by providing training and paid placements. 

What We Offer

Key Components

  • Tailored experiential learning opportunities
  • Industry-relevant projects
  • Mentorship programs 


  • Enhanced technical and soft skills for students
  • Access to a pipeline of skilled and industry-ready talent
  • Collaboration and innovation for organizations 
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