In the ever-evolving landscape of the digital economy, our Services & Resources for Enterprise, known as iAdvance for Enterprise, stand as a beacon for businesses, navigating the complexities of innovation and productivity. We address Canada's productivity gap with a focus on strengthening business competitiveness. 



What We Do

Through iAdvance for Enterprise, we provide targeted support to small or medium enterprises (SMEs). Access to professional business staff, cutting-edge tools, templates, case studies, and training session fosters business innovation and success. 

How We Help

By bridging resource gaps and offering expert guidance, we actively contribute to cultivating a vibrant and competitive business landscape in Canada. Our initiatives, such as Talent Acquisition for the Digital Economy (TADE), equip Alberta employers with the essential tools for competitive recruitment, onboarding, and retention in the digital workforce. 


Our Work 

Talent Acquisition for the Digital Economy (TADE) program   

Access the Talent Acquisition for the Digital Economy (TADE) tools and resources. Explore how structured recruitment, selection and onboarding practices have boosted productivity, defined success metrics, and contributed to digital-era growth. 

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                    What We Offer


  • Enhanced productivity and innovation
  • Access to a comprehensive digital resource hub
  • Structured onboarding for digital-era growth 


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