Ottawa, August 26, 2021—Canada’s digital economy is expected to employ a total 2.26 million digitally skilled workers by 2025 (about 11% of all employment in the country), triggering a demand for an additional 250,000 jobs.

ICTC’s latest labour market forecast, Onwards and Upwards: Digital Talent Outlook 2025, examines the most in-demand occupations across the digital economy and their associated critical competencies and skills.

The forecast includes an analysis of the impacts of COVID-19 on Canada’s economy, key trends in consumer behaviour and digitization, and the effect of new technologies on productivity, innovation, and the workforce.

A key focus of the study is an employment forecast for six key innovation areas:

  1. Cleantech—a demand for approximately 41,000 workers by 2025, for a total employment of 352,000
  2. Clean resources—a demand for approximately 14,000 workers by 2025, for a total employment of 185,000
  3. Health and biotech—a demand for approximately 14,000 workers, for a total employment of 129,000
  4. Advanced manufacturing—a demand for approximately 14,000 workers, for a total employment of 321,000
  5. Food tech agri-food—a demand for approximately 49,000 workers by 2025, for a total employment of 683,000
  6. Interactive Digital Media—a demand for approximately 103,000 workers, for a total employment of 962,000

“The accelerated pace of digital transformation across Canada’s industry is fueling a heightened demand for skilled talent, a critical and competitive advantage for tomorrow’s economy. This is a bright outlook for an increasingly digital led economy that warrants careful considerations and measures to continue to advance Canada’s economic growth and labour market prospects,” said Namir Anani, ICTC President and CEO.



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This study was funded in part by the Government of Canada’s Sectoral Initiatives program.

A copy of the study can be accessed here.

A French language press release for this report is available here.