ICTC helped 118,186 people

Across 36 different initiatives, we've provided opportunities to 118,186 people for upskilling, reskilling, and on-the-job training in the digital economy.

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Evidence-based research, policy advice, and workforce capacity-building solutions for a stronger digital future.

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Charting the Course
Introduction In 2023 and 2024, ICTC convened six roundtables to discuss the role that higher education plays in preparing students for a rapidly...

Employment Programs at eTalent Canada

Programs and resources to help job seekers, employers and educators succeed in the digital economy.


Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Digital

ICTC's WIL Digital program supports post-secondary students experiential learning opportunities to develop technical, foundational, and work-ready skills while they work in Canada's digital economy. 

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Beyond the Cloud: Powering Next Generation Canadian Digital Infrastructure

Beyond the Cloud offers employers the opportunity to enhance the skills of their existing workforce or hire from a pool of trained, job-ready professionals.


Changing the Narrative

Empowering women-owned social enterprises in Canada's digital economy by focusing on mentorship, knowledge exchange, and networking for lasting systemic change.

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