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While the digital economy in Canada is quickly expanding, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic and increased reliance on digital technology, there are few labour market intelligence (LMI) tools that meet the needs of Indigenous communities. This report fills that gap by implementing data collection tools relevant to Indigenous communities and producing information to enable access to opportunities in technology. 

The purpose of the Indigenous Leadership in Technology (ILIT) report was to explore the key priorities related to technological capacity-building in Indigenous communities across British Columbia. Key priorities came from the perspective of BC employers and current representation of Indigenous Peoples in technology in British Columbia when discussing barriers and enablers for including Indigenous people in the technology sector workforce. Findings related to underlying factors that perpetuate the under-representation of Indigenous people in technology sector jobs were explored along with opportunities for Indigenous leadership in technology through workplace cultural safety and hiring practices, Indigenous-led education, entrepreneurship and procurement, community–industry partnerships, and telecommunications infrastructure.


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Indigenous Leadership in Technology: Understanding Access and Opportunities in British Columbia, First Nations Technology Council, Information and Communications Technology Council, Reciprocal Consulting Inc., (2022), Canada.