The rapid development of Ontario’s electric vehicle (EV) industry presents a generational economic opportunity for the province and its workforce. High-profile public and private investments in EV battery manufacturing, parts manufacturing, and automotive assembly, measured in the tens of billions of dollars, promise to create thousands of jobs directly and indirectly. These high-profile and highly scrutinized EV manufacturing infrastructure projects have rightfully attracted significant attention, but they are not the only part of Ontario’s EV ecosystem that is worth talking about.

Ontario is one of the few jurisdictions in the world that has the potential to engage in the entire EV value chain: upstream, midstream, downstream, and post-stream. This makes Ontario's EV ecosystem unique in North America and underscores the importance of the EV industry to the province's economic and technological future, all with significant implications for the province’s workforce and the talent development that will be needed to support Ontario’s EV ecosystem. This study highlights the immense opportunity Ontario workers have to participate in the rapidly developing EV industry.


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Erik Henningsmoen, Todd Legere, Mairead Mathews, Francis Okpaleke, and Justin Ratcliffe.  Fast-Charging Ontario’s Electric Vehicle Workforce. Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC). April 2024. Ottawa, Canada. Author order is alphabetized.