This study examines opportunities for foreign direct investment (FDI) generation and attraction in Canada in the context of blockchain. The blockchain ecosystem in Canada is investigated and compared to other key areas globally. Insights are provided by industry experts on the value of blockchain in general and across specific sectors. Industry experts also provide feedback and viewpoints about Canada as a destination for blockchain FDI, helping to identify and articulate Canada’s value position for blockchain and its ability to attract investment. This study finds that blockchain is considered a field of growing interest, although it currently struggles with adoption and large-scale implementation. Canada is perceived as having a maturing blockchain ecosystem, with industry experts noting strong educational institutions and a skilled talent base as attractive features. However, key barriers include regulatory uncertainty, a relatively small tech ecosystem, faltering private or public investment, and a conservative business climate.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted both global priorities and investment opportunities. While this research touches briefly on the impact of COVID-19 for blockchain, the findings are limited for the time being. Further research is required to truly grasp and understand the impacts of COVID-19 on the overall economy, emerging technologies like blockchain, and Canadian opportunities for investment attraction.

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Cutean, A.; Hamoni, R.; Kotak, A (July 2020). Chain Reaction: Investment in Canada’s Blockchain Ecosystem. Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC). Ottawa, Canada.

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