ICTC’s Smart Health Policy Roundtable was held on October 25, 2021. It was the fifth in a series of events focused on creating a vibrant and inclusive smart economy for Canada. The roundtable opened with two 20-minute talks about digital health and inclusive healthcare. In the event’s second hour, an invited group of 30+ experts from industry, government, academic institutions, and civil sector organizations were led in discussion by ICTC facilitators. Participants were separated into three groups of seven to 10 people, each focused on a separate aspect of smart health and wellbeing. The three groups gathered in their respective breakout rooms and for approximately one and a half hours, discussed challenges and opportunities related to rural and remote healthcare, aging and wellness, or health data. The key take aways from those discussions are distilled into this brief.



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Hamoni, R., Matthews, M., and Watson, M., Smart Health and Wellbeing: A Canadian Policy Roundtable, (March 2022), Information and Communications Technology Council.