ICTC’s Smart Energy and Environment Policy Roundtable on December 3rd, 2020, was the second event in a series on creating a vibrant and inclusive smart economy for Canada. Dr. Sarah Burch, Canada Research Chair in Sustainability Governance and Innovation, and Sonya Hull, a leader in smart infrastructure and digital grids at Siemens Canada Ltd., opened the discussion with two presentations on Canada’s energy future. In the event’s second hour, an invited group of 30+ attendees from industry, government, academic institutions, and civil sector organizations were led in discussion by ICTC facilitators. Participants were broken up into four smaller discussion groups with a series of challenge-based questions to address.

Together, the speakers and roundtable participants discussed environmental priorities for federal, provincial, and local policy; technology needs for energy transitions; and community-led initiatives for a sustainable future for Canada. This policy brief distills the priorities outlined by roundtable attendees. The event highlighted the need for coordination and targeted efforts from all levels of Canadian society, including strong collaboration between the public and private sectors, inter-provincial agreements and infrastructure, and community-driven energy generation.



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Matthews M., and Rice, F. “Designing Smart and Sustainable Communities: ICTC Smart Cities Roundtable on an Energy Transition for Canada” (March 2021), Information and Communications Technology Council.

Designed by Faun Rice.