Support, attract, and retain women in tech roles with the help of ICTC’s Ambassador Program! We’re pleased to share our new program that provides women with tools to help them overcome key challenges in digital careers.

The Ambassador Program is self-paced, free of charge, and provides employers with the resources they need to help women succeed in their organizations!

What’s included?

- An assessment tool to improve gender equity in policies and procedures

- An online hub of gender equity strategies and resources

- In-person consultations, virtual conferences, workshops, and networking

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Meet Our Ambassadors!

Tanya Lush

“Canada’s Ocean Technology Sector needs well-qualified and skilled talent, mainly focusing on ocean data and AI use in ocean technology. Representing COVE (Center for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship) as a woman leader in our sector, I truly believe in “see it to be it.” We want young women to see ocean technology as a career option; this engagement must start as young as junior high school when educational pathways decisions are being made.”

Kiley Carson

“Gender equity is crucial to me because everyone has a fundamental right to feel like their voice, contributions and perspectives are valid, and therefore women should too.”

Janet Lin

“Gender diversity is a long-term journey that all of us are on together in the Canadian Technology Industry. I am grateful to be part of the ICTC Ambassador program to guide more than 100 organizations across Canada on how to support, attract, and retain women in the digital economy.”

Francine Mbvoumbo

“Challenging the status quo and influencing women’s leadership access and representation within the digital economy starts behind the scenes in unpopular rooms. I am confident I, along with my peer ambassadors through ICTC, are on the right track to instigate just about that change.”

Sarah Riley

“Using tech to improve the planet is our purpose—but we can’t do it alone. The tech sector can help by elevating underrepresented voices. Diversity of ideas makes us stronger. I’m committed to greater equity for women as we move toward the future we want to build together.”

Diana Pelenur

“There can never be enough women in the tech sector, and I’m thrilled to be part of ICTC’s program that helps improve gender equity, breaking down barriers and propelling women into Canadian technology.”

Shelly Bardai

“I am very excited to join the ICTC’s Ambassador Program. As an Ambassador, I will have the opportunity to use my voice to advocate for women in Canada’s digital economy, guide organizations to implement diversity, equity and inclusion strategies and influence change to attract and retain women within Canada’s digital economy. Let’s work together to create change!”

Julie Hawco

“There are many initiatives aimed at the early career ‘Women in STEM”, but we need to be prepared to support these women throughout their careers with diligence to ensure retention for women in STEM professions, from start to finish.”

Andrea Li

“We are collectively responsible for a more equitable and inclusive future. I believe everyone has a right to chase after the life they want, and it’s our duty to level the playing field for all those who dream.”

Dr. Gina Cherkowski

“I am excited to participate as an Ambassador for ICTC. The world is changing exponentially; the most prominent constant is change. It is imperative that we equip and empower all citizens to actively engage, participate and thrive in the digital knowledge economy. The future is digital, but it is also inclusive.”

Anna Nesterova

“I want my voice to be heard, as I know what challenges women can face at work and in business and how they can be changed. We should accept the differences of each other, but opportunities should be equal for everyone.”

Dr. Nirali Rathwa

“In my first few years as a newcomer to Canada, it was a positive experience to be treated fairly and encouraged in the industry. In addition, I was mentored by many men and women regardless of my gender. I am now committed to giving back to society by supporting the ICTC’s gender equality initiatives, helping women overcome challenges to advancement, and leading the movement to make a difference in the world. I am proud to be an Ambassador for ICTC’s Program, which provides essential tools to help organizations support, attract, and retain women.”

Brahim Toure

“Women empowerment is a pathway to abolish negative cultural and traditional mindsets to create a more equitable and fairer society.”

Chioma Uzodinma

“Women are transformers, and tech is the bedrock for that transformation in today’s world.”

Miriam Dong

“Women are still significantly underrepresented in tech, especially at the leadership level. Unconscious bias is real, and representation matters. I am excited and passionate about the opportunity this program can bring to educate, showcase, and champion these opportunities for women.”

Katarina M.V. Galic

“Canadian digital economy is very innovative and, as such, requires gender diversity to ensure that diverse perspectives have been included to create a stronger and long-lasting impact. Empowering women in tech, encouraging diversity, and the role-model setting for women in technology is the perfect reason for me to proudly accept the invite from the ​ICTC’s Ambassador Program. I am looking forward to experiencing this great program together!”

Dr. Minh Hai Tran

“I am delighted to participate Ambassador Program because I believe in the mission and the initiative to support women in leadership positions in the tech sector. That is very important to promote gender equity and the happiness of our community. Besides, I think this is more of a self-development opportunity for me and offers ways to give back to the community.”

Dr. Soodeh Farokhi

“As a female tech executive and a working mom, the ICTC Ambassador Program’s mission of supporting women’s advancement to leadership positions and promoting gender equity within the tech sector is so close to my heart and passion. I have been facing and overcoming many challenges throughout my career journey and would love to share my best practices and lessons learned with other female leaders and help them climb the career ladder.”

Genny Centeno Metri

“I have been involved in Women in tech initiatives for a long time now, and I would love to contribute to making a difference in the place I now call home.”

Olivera Zatezalo

“We all encounter uncertainty in our careers from time to time, and we need someone to help us put things into perspective and provide that extra bit of clarity in challenging times. I want to use my experience to help women entering male-dominated industries, find their voices to speak their minds, and forge new paths.”

Ineha Thind

“As a POC and a woman in the IT field, as well as a participant of a program with the same goal, I realize how such programs are so important in bringing down the gender gap in the technology field.”

Jennifer LaPlante

“Canada has significant equality and equity gaps in the tech sector. As we see meaningful growth and investment in technology in Atlantic Canada, we must take tangible action to create the conditions required to enable greater diversity and hold each other accountable to measurable and impactful change.”

Kelley Irwin

“I have always understood the value of a strong support system in achieving my career goals. The ICTC Ambassador Program allows me to be a small part of that support system for others, sharing my unique skills and perspectives as an executive with digital experience and an author of a book on Women in Tech.”

Amira Boutouchent

“The change needs to start now for us to shape the world we all want to witness. Being an ICTC ambassador is an opportunity to be part of promoting and implementing a more inclusive, diverse, and equitable world. There is a place for everyone in the digital industry, so let’s break down the barriers and define together tomorrow’s standards.”

Marcia MacDonald

“The Ambassador Program is important to me because I want to build relationships with others to create equitable tech workplaces and help close the gender gap at senior levels of life sciences and health tech workplaces in Canada.”

Ilham Lmissaoui

“We are all human beings no matter our gender, as such we have the right to enjoy the same opportunities and respect, and the same resources and salaries for equal skills, with integrity and dignity.”

Cyrielle Chiron

“Gender equity is the process of being fair to all genders to reach gender equality – meaning equal opportunities and an equal playing field for all gender. It is about ensuring everyone’s voice is heard and their experience and identities are respected and valued.”

Riya Dutta

“Gender equality is a basic human right; it is as simple as that.”

Saima Aziz

“Gender Equity means creating a balance of resources, opportunities, policies and programs that address all genders and are accessible to all genders.”

Amelia Hernandez

“As a woman in tech, I love the idea of contributing to helping more women to advance to leadership positions within the tech industry. I believe that we, as women have a lot to offer, and our contributions can have a huge and positive impact on this industry. I can’t wait to see how we increase our presence and continue to build and lead the next generation of technology in Canada and the world.”

Ashley Mataya

“I look forward to contributing to this important initiative to support the advancement of women in leadership roles and promote gender equality in the digital economy across Canada. Access to education and well-paying careers for everyone is imperative to this sector’s growth. I am excited to spend this next year with ICTC and my fellow ambassadors to support industry by building strategies to combat the gender gap.”

Valerie Jegede

“To me, gender equity is about providing adequate access to resources and opportunities that can enable success irrespective of gender, which is why I’m so honoured and excited to be an ambassador, contributing my little part to this great effort.”

Christy Valente

“Equity in our workforce is essential to strengthening corporate culture, driving inclusivity, expanding diversity of thought, and breaking the barriers for future generations. I am proud to support ICTC through the Ambassador’s program.”

Vanessa Thomas

“Ensuring that gender equity is achieved is a collective responsibility. We all must actively contribute to the fight against all forms of discrimination! Everyone must be given the necessary opportunities and resources to succeed.”

Melissa Gutierrez

“Gender equity is a Human right. Giving equal guarantees and opportunities to every human, regardless of gender, is essential to build societies with justice and equity and to assure social and economic progress”

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