In this era of rapid disruption, the digital economy is key.

Emerging economies, geopolitical inflections, health risks, cyber threats, and changing employment prospects are now top of mind. Against this backdrop are digital technologies that are accelerating innovation and transforming industries faster than economies can adjust.

ICTC continues to inspire a forward-looking digital agenda for Canada through offerings of research, policy guidance, workforce development, and enterprise solutions. Our work helps ensure that Canada’s digital transformation is prosperous, sustainable, and equitable for everyone.

ICTC is proud to share a banner year of impacts in our newest Annual Report for the fiscal year 2021/22. Read the full report below to see how ICTC is advancing critical agendas for Canada through a multitude of research and policy advice on topics that extend to Sustainable Digital Economy, Electric Vehicles (EVs) in Québec, investment and FDI attraction, and Smart Cities, as well as how we helped thousands of Canadians from all backgrounds upskill, reskill, and land jobs in growth digital sectors of the Canadian economy, and much more!

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