Ottawa, May 7, 2024—Health technology innovation could ease the burden on Alberta’s health care system by improving patient access and the quality and continuity of care, but a shortage of workers with HealthTech skills means the province must also invest in workforce development.

Read ICTC’s latest report: From Concept to Care: Health Technology Talent in Alberta.

Key findings:

  • Alberta faces both a shortage of health care practitioners and experienced, mid-, and senior-career health, technology, and business workers. Recruitment strategies like increased remuneration and skill-based hiring must be coupled with workforce development to build HealthTech talent.  
  • To fill the gaps in Alberta’s health care system, a combination of workforce development techniques, including work-integrated learning and incentivizing skill development for mid-career professionals, is needed.
  • As Alberta expands the number of seats offered in post-secondary programs and streamlines international credential recognition, it will also need to promote the development of interdisciplinarity and digital health skills in its healthcare programs.  
  • Strengthening the entire health technology ecosystem in the province could promote job creation, which would help many Alberta health technology companies find senior talent with experience in business development, market access, and regulatory compliance.  

Alberta is well positioned to use this report's findings on health technology workforce needs and talent development to create a provincial health care system with outstanding patient access, quality, and continuity of care.

"Innovate, educate, and elevate. Alberta's path to a stronger health care future begins with empowering its workforce with the skills to navigate the intersection of health and technology." —Namir Anani, ICTC President and CEO 

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From Concept to Care: Health Technology Talent in Alberta

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