Equipping the Talent of Tomorrow

Canada is in dire need of cyber professionals. Cyberattacks are on the rise, ranging from service disruptions to critical data breaches, while the risks continue to escalate globally. The increase in cyberattacks on Canadian companies highlights the need for more comprehensive cybersecurity training, particularly for young people. 

To address this challenge, CyberTitan was launched in 2017 as Canada’s National Youth Cyber Education Program, in affiliation with the (US) Air Force Association’s CyberPatriot Program.

CyberTitan, one of Canada’s largest cyber defense competitions, is an exciting opportunity for middle and secondary school students to learn critical digital skills and prepare for the digital-based economy.

CyberTitan has been a driving force for cybersecurity education in Canada, and there is no better place to start learning about the cyber-landscape than in high school and middle school.” 

-Devlin NM, CyberTitan CA Prime Captain from Sisler High School, Winnipeg MB (CyberTitan III Champions) 

Bringing Cybersecurity Skills into the Classroom

Based on real-world scenarios, the CyberTitan competition emulates cybersecurity threats that Canadian businesses face each year. Participating youth from across Canada reinforce their problem-solving, creative, communication, and collaborative skills. At the end, students are equipped with critical skills sought by today’s employers, helping them pursue post-secondary education in STEM programs. The program not only equips young people with critical cyber skills, but also provides opportunities for women, who remain underrepresented in the cybersecurity industry. Over the past six years, 5,000 students, including 85 all-female teams, have honed their skills in the competition.

“The scope of cyber resiliency is vast, complex, and requires a combination of technology, people, and processes to address the risks while proactively adjusting practices, protocols, and training to fend against future cyberattacks.”

-Namir Anani, ICTC’s President and CEO 

Canadian teams compete worldwide with other middle and secondary school teams in the CyberPatriot competition. The top ten ranked Canadian teams then face off in the CyberTitan National Finals for the coveted title of National Champions.

“Watching the next generation of cyber talent at work is an incredible privilege … It’s extremely exciting to be able to support this initiative … CyberTitan has never felt more relevant.”  

-Noel Murphy, Field Effect, Director of Simulation Technologies 

For several years, Field Effect has been the competition’s host platform provider, scenario designer, and game-day facilitator. With the generous support of the Communications Security Establishment (CSE), CyberTitan continues to thrive year after year, pushing students to new heights of cybersecurity excellence. 

On top of the competition, ICTC provides youth with a Cybersecurity Fundamentals Couse, detailing the history of the internet, equipping students with the confidence to recognize online threats, take steps to reduce harm, and most importantly, learn which professions in cybersecurity may await them. 

CyberTitan for Francophone Students

Due to its USA affiliation, CyberTitan has historically been available in English, but Ontario’s Francophone students had a chance in 2023 to build cybersecurity skills in French through “Les journées de la cybersécurité au secondaire” (Secondary School CyberDays), a pilot project funded by the Ontario Ministry of Francophone Affairs.


CyberTitan provides a thrilling opportunity for Canadian students to experience the real-life challenges faced by IT professionals and is a critical resource for developing the cybersecurity talent of tomorrow.

To learn more about the CyberTitan competition and other cyber learning opportunities across Canada, visit etalentcanada.ca! 

To support CyberTitan, contact Sheena Bolton at @email.  

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