Ottawa, December 12, 2022ICTC is pleased to announce a research partnership with Université de l’Ontario français (UOF). To support UOF course development to attract francophone students and meet labour market needs in Ontario, ICTC will provide tailored research to explore the labour market supply and demand in Ontario for francophone students.

This ICTC research will also answer the following questions:

  • What sectors, jobs, and skills are most in demand in different regions of Ontario?
  • Which of these occupations involve French fluency?
  • How can UOF best engage current and potential Ontario francophone students in digital careers?
  • What do current and potential Ontario francophone students want out of their careers and post-secondary educations?
  • What factors might shape a francophone post-secondary student’s choice to stay in or move to Ontario?

Collected data is expected to identify gaps in learning pathways, lead to curriculum suggestions and course mapping, including methods to bridge interests, requirements, and opportunities.

The findings from ICTC’s research can be used by the Université de l’Ontario français to develop new courses and programs aimed at attracting francophone youth based on interests and tangible employment opportunities.

ICTC’s resulting research report for UOF is expected to be published in Q2 2023.

“As the demand for skilled digital talent in Ontario continues to accelerate in a tight labour market, building innovative academic programs to respond to market needs will be critical in the coming years. This research partnership paves the way for new learning opportunities and employment prospects in the digital economy for a growing francophone community in Ontario.” —Namir Anani, ICTC President and CEO

“The Francophone community in Ontario is undergoing a major transformation. We are therefore particularly pleased to launch this market study to seize the opportunity for economic transformation and support the development of the Francophone community. It is essential that we do everything possible to attract talent in a context that promotes their integration and development through university programs adapted to market trends and needs for future bilingual professionals.” —Pierre Ouellette, President, University of Ontario

About ICTC

The Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) is a not-for-profit, national centre of expertise for strengthening Canada’s digital advantage in a global economy. Through trusted research, practical policy advice, and creative capacity-building programs, ICTC fosters globally competitive Canadian industries enabled by innovative and diverse digital talent. In partnership with an expansive network of industry leaders, academic partners, and policy makers from across Canada, ICTC has empowered a robust and inclusive digital economy for over 30 years.

About UOF

The Université de l’Ontario français is a new innovation space focused on the creation and mobilization of knowledge in French. Opened in September 2021 in downtown Toronto, the UOF’s aim is to create a university tradition in Southern Ontario guided by the values of excellence, plurality, inclusion, and collaboration. The university advocates inductive, transdisciplinary, experience-based learning and research approaches. Governed by and for Ontario’s Francophones, UOF offers an education that is firmly connected to global issues and fosters eco-friendly citizenship.

To learn more about the partnership or other media inquiries, please contact Paul Stastny at [email protected] or 403.351.0138 Ext. 823.

A French language press release of this report is here.

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